Founded in 1982 by Lou Arabia, LEARCO Equipment Company was built upon a foundation of industry leading manufacturer's, which has remained a constant still today.  A pioneer in the Industrial Water and Waste water industry, Lou served as a regional manager for Eimco Process Equipment Company for 25 years before leaving to form LEARCO.  Lou's extensive knowledge in water and wastewater treatment proved to be the backbone upon which the company has grown into what it is today.  Lou left a strong legacy that we strive to maintain every day!

Dennis Telleck, also a 14 year employee at Eimco Process Water Equipment, joined LEARCO in 1991.  Like Lou, Dennis possesses a strong water and wastewater background which has helped LEARCO meet the many changes that the industry has experienced over the years.  Dennis is currently a co-owner of LEARCO.

In 2002, Kevin McDevitt joined LEARCO after working 12 years at Eichleay Engineers.  Building upon LEARCO's strong tradition of water and wastewater treatment background, Kevin's engineering and industry expertise has proven invaluable to the success of LEARCO.  Kevin is currently a co-owner of LEARCO. 

Mark Sullivan joined LEARCO in 2009, bringing with him 19 years of successful industry experience.  Mark worked 10 years at GA Industries, 4 years at S.P. Kinney Engineers and AUMA actuators for 5 years.  His broad scope of experience and extensive valve expertise provides a unique dimension to the LEARCO team. 

Todd Salvia joined the LEARCO team in 2015.  Before joining LEARCO, he spent the previous 9 years as a sales representative for a municipal rep firm in Pennsylvania.  Todd also served 10 years active duty in the United States Air Force.  With a passion for serving others, Todd is motivated to carry on the successful traditions that LEARCO has established over the years.